Our Story


Sounds corny...

....but there must be something about the Fruit and Veg industry that just gets in the blood.  Ian began working for his parents in a Supermarket from a young age and eventually left school to take up a Managerial role .  When it came time to purchase his own business, it was the Fruit and Veg field that he was most passionate about.  And little wonder; his Grandparents and Great Grandparents were fresh produce merchants and providores in the Adelaide East End Markets.  So more than 35 years later, here we are at OCEAN KEYS FRESH, excited to start a new chapter in providing the best fresh produce Ian's experience can source for you.

Married for 30 years, Ian and wife Margo have owned several Fruit and Veg stores and included the children as they matured and followed their own interests into adulthood. OCEAN KEYS FRESH is the first business where we will all be involved together as a family with a shared vision and passion for fine fresh food and friendly, helpful service.