We all know that prevention is a whole lot easier than cure.  Pimping up your daily nutrition is like gold; it will save you valuable time and money in the long run.  And then there's the added benefits of improved quality of life, better physical and mental performance,  increased productivity and ability to cope with stress and change.


"....let food be thy medicine...."

is one of the key philosophies of the Natural Medicine Sciences.  Imagine every meal being the opportunity to load up on nutrients to increase your energy and vitality, promote cleansing and healing at a cellular level and keep you looking and feeling young.  Of course, OCEAN KEYS FRESH fruit and veg is the first place to start....


the smoothie and juicing revolution

You're probably already into it - whether it's lining up @ BOOST or buzzing up a blend at home, smoothies and juices are here to stay.  Quick, easy, convenient and nutritious - why wouldn't they be a go-to meal or snack?  Its a good idea to make sure your ingredients are super-fresh, high quality, chemical-free (or well washed), nutrient rich and well balanced if you want to easily digest and absorb all of the benefits.  If you are a convert, pick up all the best ingredients at OCEAN KEYS FRESH - and to keep your body well hydrated and alkaline (an acidic body is more susceptible to illness, pain and aging), add some coconut water, vegetables and greens.  And to keep you looking fabulous, what about some good fats and protein like coconut oil, avocados and nuts.


quality or quantity

What is your preference?  Its well known these days that over-eating is not necessary in order to live well and enjoy food.  Investing in your health, well-being and financial security all means we can consume less, yet live better.  Teaching our children about the value of food is important; this then rolls into investing in their future so they can learn well at school and make the right choices for themselves.  A family philosophy of good planning, being creative with food, cooking and preparing together, practicing moderation and choosing quality over quantity just makes good sense.